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PERFORMA05 has been curated by a consortium of independent organizers and curators at New York's leading arts organizations. Each curator was invited to propose a program especially for PERFORMA05 that focused on performance by visual artists. Proposals were reviewed by PERFORMA's director and curatorial team, with the goal of providing a broad spectrum of opinion on contemporary performance in the visual arts. Some venues invited additional proposals from independent curators. With a total of 98 artists at more than 20 venues, PERFORMA05 reflects the selection of fourteen active curators.

SISLEJ XHAFA- Association in Yellow and Yellow Associates

Various New York Locations & Yvon Lambert
Performance: 9.00am-10:00am – Join us for the opening kick off of the performance. Free coffee & donuts provided by Dunkin Donuts
Location: Washington Square & 5th Avenue, under the Archway.
Exhibition: November 10 – 19 (reception November 10, 6-8 pm)

Known for his minimal, ironic stand towards the social, economic and political realities of everyday life, such as tourism and immigration, Albanian-Kosovan artist, Sislej Xhafa’s first live performance in New York City, Yellow Associates in Motion will feature the artist himself with a? truckload of people dressed as lawyers.

On a tour around the streets of Manhattan, they will call out lawyers’ names from the Yellow Pages. Xhafa sees lawyers as representations of power: the power upon which the sophisticated democracy of the US is built. Through the direct calling of names he seeks to humanize these figures and the institutions they stand for, closing the gap between their power and their humanity with subtle irony. As Xhafa’s 1950s, agricultural vehicle steadily moves through the city friction is generated between countryside culture and contemporary service economies, in so doing Xhafa highlights the extreme speed of exchange in the contemporary city.

An accompanying reception will be held at Yvon Lambert gallery, showing Association in Yellow, the static sculptural counterpart to, and consequence of, the mobile live event.

Presented by PERFORMA.

9:00am – Meet & Washington Square Park under the arch/5th Avenue & Washington Square North, free coffee & bagels/donuts for attendees. (Permit acquired by NYC Parks Dept) ?? Truck is parked across the street.

10:00am- Performance begins – truck will be parked across the street from park, per permit regulations. While the vehicle is parked, the performers riding in the truck will read outloud from the Yellow Pages. They will not use amplification.

approx 10:15-10:30am- Truck drives on 8 Ave. to Astor Place, Park truck next to KMART. (Permission acquired by police Precint)

approx 10:30-10:50 – Truck drives up 4th Ave. to Union Square Park. Truck enters Union Square Park from Union Square West& E. 16 St., drives along E. 17th St.side of the park with performers for stop and then exits onto E. 14th Street and begins driving up town on 6 Avenue. (Permit acquired by NYC Parks Dept.)

approx. 10:50-12:30pm – Truck will drive on 6 Ave, the furthest lane on the Left going uptown and will make stops along the route where permissible.

approx 12:30pm – 2:00pm – Truck then turns onto Central Park South

– Turn onto Central Park West. Stop across from the New York Historical Society between W. 76 & 77 Streets.

– (CPW turns into Frederick Douglas Blvd) – Truck makes right on West 125 St. – stops near Studio Museum. – This marks the furthest uptown that the truck will go, after this stop, it will begin making its way back downtown.

– Truck makes Right on Lenox Ave.*

– Right onto Central Park North*

– Left on Columbus Avenue*

– Left on Broadway*

– Right on Broadway*

– Stop at Madison Square Garden between 32 and 31 St.

– Left on West 4th Street – take this back to Washington Square Park.

– approx. 2pm – End of route.

*will make stops along the route where permissible.