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PERFORMA05 has been curated by a consortium of independent organizers and curators at New York's leading arts organizations. Each curator was invited to propose a program especially for PERFORMA05 that focused on performance by visual artists. Proposals were reviewed by PERFORMA's director and curatorial team, with the goal of providing a broad spectrum of opinion on contemporary performance in the visual arts. Some venues invited additional proposals from independent curators. With a total of 98 artists at more than 20 venues, PERFORMA05 reflects the selection of fourteen active curators.


Friday, November 11, 8 pm

New York-based visual artist and composer Christian Marclay will present Screen Play, a moving image musical score in which Marclay has combined found film footage with computer animation to create a visual projection to be interpreted by live musicians. For tickets, please go toTicketWeb logo

Three different ensembles take turns adding a live soundtrack to the “video score” including multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp; TOT Trio, comprised of cellist Okkyung Lee, percussionist Tim Barnes, and DJ Toshio Kajiwara; and acclaimed harpist Zeena Parkins directs an ensemble to include percussionists Christine Bard and Jim Pugliese.

Screen Play follows The Bell and the Glass (2003), Marclay’s first experiment using video to convey instructions to musicians, which was commissioned by the Rel??che ensemble, and premiered at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Collaborating Musicians:
Christine Bard
Min Xiao-Fen
Zeena Parkins
Jim Pugliese
Elliot Sharp
TOT Trio

Christine Bard

Experimental composer/percussionist Christine Bard has performed her own music in concert in Europe and in the USA, including NYC downtown venues and Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park. Her solo percussion scores for such choreographers as Nancy Zendora, Wendy Osserman and Hope Clark have toured festivals in Korea, Brazil, USA, Canada and Russia. Christine has also performed and recorded with Marc Ribot, Makigami Koichi, James Pugliese, John Zorn, Eyvind Kang, Anthony Coleman, Elaine Kaplinsky, The Harry Partch Ensemble, the Downtown Ensemble, Bang On A Can All-stars, the Microtonal Orchestra and others. Her own groups include Easside Percussion (on Avant) and the post-ambient electronics group, ELX.

Min Xiao-Fen

Pipa player / vocalist pioneer Min Xiao-Fen, currently based in New York, is internationally known for her adventurous and fluid style, initially learned from her father, Min Ji-Qian, a professor and pipa master at Nanjing University. She worked as a soloist for the famed Nanjing National Music Orchestra from 1980 to 1992. After arriving in the United States in 1992, she began working with composers Zhou Long, Carl Stone and Chen Yi, and recorded The Moon Rising (Cala), and Spring, River, Flower, Moon, Night (Asphodel). She has featured with the New York City Opera, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, the vocal ensemble Chanticleer, the San Diego Symphony and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, among others. She has performed solo concerts at the Vienna Music Festival, the Utrecht International Lute Festival, the Geneva Music Festival, the Berlin Chinese Music Festival, the New York Guitar Festival and at various jazz festivals in Paris, Quebec and Jakarta. In 2004, her piece The Loneliest Monk was commissioned and played by Kitchen House Blend at the Kitchen in New York.

Zeena Parkins

Zeena Parkins, multi-instrumentalist, improvisor, and composer, is a frequent guest of festivals covering the broadest spectrum of musical activity. She is not only one of the pioneers of the electric harp but a composer with a unique vision of how to meld acoustic and electric processes in pieces such as Isabelle, Mouth=Maul=Betrayer, Pan-Acousticon, VOU Valley of Unrest, Devotion and $Shot. Zeena has performed and recorded with: Ikue Mori, Nels Cline, Christian Marclay, Yoko Ono, John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Thurston Moore, Lee Renaldo, David Kean, Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Kaffe Matthews, Matmos and Raz Mesanai. Recent collaborations include work with Bjork and commissions for choreographers Neil Greenberg, John Jasperse and British visual artists, Daria Martin and Mandy McIntosh. Currently Zeena is also collaborating on a multi-channel installation of her piece $Shot with sound artist Doug Henderson.

Jim Pugliese

Born in Newark in 1952, Jim Pugliese is a drummer, percussionist and composer working in improvisation, world music and experimental music. Pugliese studied percussion with Raymond Des Roches performing and recording with John Cage, Lukas Foss, Kent Nagano, Philip Glass and Carlos Chavez. He spent twelve years as a member of Dean Drummond’s Newband and The Harry Partch Ensemble, studying and performing microtonal music, as well as studying with Master Drummer Pablo Landrum, and Nii Tettey Tetteh, a master musician from Ghana. Recently he has worked with many of New York’s experimental music scene and he has established himself as both performer and composer throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. In 1998 Jim was selected as Artist in Residence at Harvestworks, NYC, where he recorded his solo CD Sonic Soul, which he counts among 60 other CDs that include his music.

Elliot Sharp

Born in 1951in Cleveland, Ohio and currently based in New York, Elliot Sharp is a prolific experimental musician with over 200 records to his name. A multi-instrumentalist he plays various types of guitar, soprano saxophone and bass clarinet among others. His songwriting is eclectic, crossing genres as diverse as rock, blues, free jazz and compositions for classical quartets. Sharp was also the curator of State of the Union 2.001, an extraordinary collection of 171 one-minute sound works by many of the leading lights of the international avant-garde.

TOT Trio

An experimental music collective, TOT Trio is comprised of drummer and percussionist Tim Barnes, Korean cellist Okkyung Lee, and Japanese/American Toshio Kajiwara.
In the later part of the 90’s, Tim Barnes was a member of the free-folk outfit Tower Recordings, also working on complex pop arrangements and conceptual textural electronica. In 2002 he produced an album of solo percussion music All Acoustics, and he has just finished drumming on a new Beth Orton record due out in 2006. Cellist Okkyung Lee used her classical training as a springboard, to incorporate jazz, traditional Korean music, and minimalist sound and noise techniques. Now based in New York, Lee gained her MA in Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory of Music. In addition to frequent solo performances and leading her own ensembles she participates in various groups and has performed internationally. Kajiwara originally trained as a photographer, and worked as a writer and a buyer for record stores. He has been performing improvised music since the early 90’s. Currently he is a producer for his own label and event series entitled “phonomena”, which has had 4 international releases and over 200 events in the past 5 years.

Co-presented by PERFORMA 05 and Eyebeam. Screen Play was made possible with support from Eyebeam’s Moving Image Commission. Sponsored by Highbrow Entertainment.