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PERFORMA05 has been curated by a consortium of independent organizers and curators at New York's leading arts organizations. Each curator was invited to propose a program especially for PERFORMA05 that focused on performance by visual artists. Proposals were reviewed by PERFORMA's director and curatorial team, with the goal of providing a broad spectrum of opinion on contemporary performance in the visual arts. Some venues invited additional proposals from independent curators. With a total of 98 artists at more than 20 venues, PERFORMA05 reflects the selection of fourteen active curators.


Swiss Institute – Contemporary Art
November 5-6, 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon Sunday (24 hours).

24-Hour Incidental is a program consisting of a series of simultaneous performances at the Swiss Institute – Contemporary Art.? From? noon to noon, the program intersects two days, seeking to carve out an irregular passage of time with its mix of activities and happenings. The selected artists? span several generations,? representing both the pioneering work of Fluxus and Happenings and a younger generation of artists? whose work borrows and builds on the traditions of conceptual art and performance of the 1970s.

95 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY
T: (212) 925-2035
November 5-6, 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon Sunday (24 hours).

PERFORMA and Swiss Institute ??“ Contemporary Art present 24 Hour Incidental, a series of simultaneous live performances over a 24 hour period by artists spanning several generations, including John Armleder, Peter Coffin, Jason Dodge, Annika Eriksson, Piero Golia, Carsten H?¶ller, Karl Holmqvist, Koo Jeong-A, and Christoph Keller and will feature Yoko Ono Yes Ladder.

Yoko Ono??™s historic ???Yes Ladder??™ will share the space with Koo Jeong-A??™s construction, made on the spot, of materials she finds within the SI??™s gallery and storage areas, while Piero Golia will set up a hammock and sleep through the whole 24-hour event, so that he will have no memory of the show. Each artist is given full rights over the space, however all works will function in different dimensions; sound, invisibility, conversation, construction, hallucination, documentation, contemplation, and impulse. The program will thus be defined by unpredictability; at any given moment during the span of the event, performances will take place concurrently in numerous combinations.

24-Hour Incidental is curated by artist Jordan Wolfson for PERFORMA05, and is a co-production of the Swiss Institute ??“ Contemporary Art and PERFORMA.

The event has been made possible in part with the support of the American Scandinavia Foundation, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and IASPIS.

Special thanks to Izze Sodas, Nespresso and Stella Artois for in-kind donations.

Project Descriptions

John Armleder
Peter Coffin
Jason Dodge
Annika Eriksson
Piero Golia
Koo Jeong-A
Carsten H?¶ller
Karl Holmqvist
Christoph Keller
Yoko Ono

John Armleder: Coffee Break, 2005
instructions: Within the time of the event or exhibition, someone involved should go out to have a coffee or a tea.? This should happen unannounced and undocumented.

Peter Coffin: Untitled (incidental music), 2005
Peter Coffin??™s interactive sound work will harness pure musical notes from a computer keyboard and synthesizer. As the audience uses the keyboard they will generate sound, projected through the gallery space.

Jason Dodge: Kristin Larson has been to the South Pole, 2005
Jason Dodge will utilize the open structure of the event by inviting Kristin Larson, who has explored the South Pole, to visit anonymously at any time, for any amount of time.

Annika Eriksson: The Construction, 2005
In the first 12 hours of the event, Swedish artist Annika Eriksson’s crew of workers will be filmed as they build benches and a projection screen, creating the setting in which the film will then be projected for the following 12 hours.

Piero Golia: Untitled (Time Travelling), 2005
Italian-born artist Piero Golia, will sleep in a hammock stretched between the walls of the exhibition space for the entire 24-hour period.

Carsten H?¶ller : The Pinocchio Effect, 1994-2000
Swedish artist Carsten H?¶ller’s The Pinocchio Effect is an interactive installation in which visitors are invited to complete specific actions utilizing medical equipment, in order to experience the sensation of his or her nose growing.

Karl Holmqvist: *69 LOVE SONGS MOBILE PHONE REQUEST READING, 2002. Viewers will be invited to choose one of the Magnetic Fields, 69 LOVE SONGS, by Swedish artist Karl Holmqvist, who will follow up with a personal phone call to each of the participants, for an intimate reading of the lyrics of their chosen song.

Koo Jeong-A: Koo Jeong-A, Sans titre, 2005
Using material found in the depths of the Swiss Institue library and storage, Korean-born and Paris-based, Koo Jeong-A will create a sculpture that will intervene over the entire exhibition space.

Christoph Keller: Cloudbuster, 2005
German artist Christoph Keller will build and install a Wilhelm Reich Orgonon energy machine – a device utilizing atmospheric elements to create rainfall.

Yoko Ono: Yes Painting, 1966 [2005 exhibition copy]
Fluxus pioneer artist Yoko Ono’s work ‘Yes Painting’ will be? reconstructed.? ? Viewers are instructed to climb the ladder to view a text piece mounted on the ceiling.