Originally founded in 1997 as a microcasting artist collective, free103point9 is a nonprofit media arts organization focused on establishing and cultivating the genre Transmission Arts by promoting artists who explore ideas around transmission as a medium for creative expression. free103point9 programs include a performance/ exhibition/transmission series, an online radio station, a distribution label, an education initiative, an artist-in-residency program, a preservation program, and a forthcoming study center and archive.

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Participating free103point9 Transmission Artists include:

31 Down, a radio-transmission based theater company from Brooklyn, focused on the hybridization of modern technologies with old technologies, systems, established genres and forms;

Alexis Bhagat, an artist dedicated to the cultivation of new forms for radically polyvocal sound, transmission of promiscuous conversation, and obsessive never-ending correspondence, also editor of Tactical Sound and co-editor of the forthcoming book Sound Generation: Recording – Tradition – Politics, (Autonomedia);

Matt Bua, an artist working in drawing, film, video, installation and performance, who has been included in exhibitions at Jessica Murray Projects, Smack Mellon (Brooklyn); Palm Beach Museum of Contemporary Art (Lake Worth, FL);

Damian Catera, an electroacoustic composer /guitarist, sound installation creator and media artist, who has toured his sound based composition, improvisation, and transmission work to the US and Europe, as well as presenting it in Latin America and Asia;

The Dust Dive, a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary trio, working with violin, chord organ, piano, electric guitar, sampled field recordings, Hamradio transmissions, musical saw, and two- and three-part vocals, whose unconventional sound borrows from ill American landscapes, edge-city teenage hangouts, and overgrown, overlooked places;

Joshua Fried, of Fried’s Radio Wonderland, which abstracts live FM radio using laptop, electrified shoes hit with sticks, and a computer-hacked steering wheel, who has performed extensively in New York and received awards including a 1994 NEA Composer’s Fellowship and two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships;

Tianna Kennedy, a Brooklyn based cellist, sound and transmission artist, events coordinator, and writer, committed to participatory art and politics;

LoVid, aka Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus, who use homemade electronic devices and DIY sculptural instruments in their live performance, which has toured the US and Europe extensively;

Matt Mikas, a sound artist and sonic anthropologist, using turntables alternately as a historian and performer, whose previous projects include curating the sound program for Dave Hickey’s Ultralounge at the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum in Tampa (2001); composer

Michelle Nagai, who uses conceptual, physical and sonic elements to create site-specific performances, radio broadcasts and installations, and whose solo work has been presented throughout the US and Canada; artist

Ben Owen, who works with projected slide film manipulations and experimental electro-acoustic sound composition, and the curator of Seasonal – a series of listening environments that includes performance, installation, internet radio program Home Listening, and the mp3 composite Addenda;

Radio Ruido, aka Brooklyn artist Thomas Mulligan, who works with free103point9, Dimmer, and Teatro Chinampa, and who has recently exhibited at Deitch Projects, Participant, Inc., the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, and the Center for Contemporary Art Ujadowski Castle in Warsaw, Poland; and

Tom Roe, a sound transmission artist (aka DJ Dizzy) who performs with transmitters using multiple bands (FM, CB, walkie-talkie), as well as prepared CDs, vinyl records, and various electronics, as well as writing for The Wire, Signal to Noise, and The New York Post, among others, and who has performed at Gwangju Biennele (2004), and at CCA in Warsaw, and Laznia CCA in Gdansk, Poland.